O & C Lands Quiz

Test your knowledge of the history of O & C Lands with this interactive quiz.

What does O&C stand for?

In what year was the O&C Land Grant Act passed by Congress to spur construction of a railroad from Portland to the California border?

What provision was not in the O&C Land Grant Act?

In what year did Congress grant the State of Oregon lands for construction of a railroad from Portland to the California border?

How many O&C Counties are there in Oregon?

How many O&C Counties are in California?

What year did the Southern Pacific Railroad Company implement a moratorium on O&C Land sales?

What President instituted the O&C Grant Lands fraud investigation?

What kind of land fraud was engaged in by the Railroad Company?

The Chamberlain-Ferris Act revested ownership in the unsold O&C Grant Lands in the federal government in what year?

What did the United States intend to do with the O&C Lands once they revested to federal ownership?

Why did Congress amend the Chamberlain-Ferris Act with the 1926 Stanfield Act?

What provisions were included in the 1937 (McNary) O&C Act?

Among the various purposes and goals mentioned, which have the courts found was the primary purpose of the O&C Act of 1937?

Until the sustained yield capacity of the O&C Lands was determined, what interim annual timber cut was required by the 1937 O&C Act?

What percentage of total timber receipts were Counties granted in the 1937 O&C Act?

How are shared receipts split between the 18 O&C counties?

For what purposes may the counties use their O&C shared receipts?

What does the O&C Act "savings provision" in the Federal Land Policy Management Act (FLPMA) say?

The Courts have declared the O&C Act to be a:

How much timber could the O&C Lands produce on a sustained yield basis?