01Fifty percent of total O&C timber sale revenues are pooled and then allocated to the 18 O&C Counties. That allocation is then distributed to the Counties according to a formula. O&C timber revenues are distributed according to the formula regardless of where on the O&C lands the harvest actually occurs. The distribution formula is based on the proportionate value of the O&C land and timber in each county in 1915, as compared to the total value of all the O&C land and timber that year.

2The County’s share of the 1960-2011 historical average, expressed in constant value dollars. See, Tuchmann and Davis, The O&C Lands Report, February 6, 2013 (pp. 18-19).

3Amounts shown for FY 2017 are a combination of timber receipts payments, and payments under Titles I and III of SRS, which was reauthorized in 2018 and made retroactive for FY 2017.

4Jobs data is from the Oregon Forest Resource Institute and the numbers displayed are for the entire forest sector in the County. The specific O&C contribution to the entire forest sector for each County is not available.